Beijingers in New York

Beijingers in New York
[Beijingren zai Niuyue, 1993]
Television serial
Beijingers in New York was the most controversial television drama serial (dianshi lianxuju) produced in China during the 1990s. The serial, adapted from Cao Guilin’s novel, delivered a range of propositions to Chinese viewers, not only about the West, but about the changing nature of Chinese society. It was the first Chinese television serial to receive a government bank loan, the first production filmed outside China, and the first Chinese television drama touching on cross-cultural sexual relationships. Beijingers provided the first television role for celebrated actor Jiang Wen who portrayed Wang Qiming, a casualty of Western ‘spiritual pollution’. Soon after arriving in New York Wang’s wife leaves him for the American boss of a garment sweatshop. Humiliated, he plots revenge in business, in the process engaging in immoral activities: he takes a de-facto lover, uses alcohol to excess, procures a prostitute, gambles, and engages in stock market speculation. Portrayed as an anti-hero, Wang Qiming is generally remembered as an entrepreneur prepared to take a risk, albeit with financial help from A Chun, a Taiwanese businesswoman who becomes his de-facto lover. The portrayal of Western decadence titillated, while the obsession with materialism reflected China’s changing society.
Notable performances included Wang Ji as A Chun, Yan Xiaopin as Wang’s wife Guo Yan, and Robert Daly as David McCarthy, the scheming sweatshop boss. The series was co-produced by CCTV (Chinese Central Television)’s China Television Drama Production Centre and the Beijing Television Arts Centre. The directors were Zheng Xiaolong and Feng Xiaogang.
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Encyclopedia of contemporary Chinese culture. . 2011.

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